Filipino Slangs we need to retire

you are not a filipino if you dont use slang wordssuch are pare,tol,manong..Some are good and can be useful on our daily lives,But some are just way tooexaggerated to the point that its annoying.
2010 is almost finish and hello 2011,why dont we simply retire or  forget about the slangs for the last decade im sureI even remember that some people formally named the Alien Words on Internet last may and named it jejemons

lets list some example, lets rate it

O = Still okay X = Retire , XXX = Retire it PLEASE!!
Manong = O

Chong/Tsong = X

Pare = O

Dude = X

Tol = X

Sabaw = X

Chill = X

Chillax = XXX

Repapips = XXX , this slang is very old,maybe 80`s but some left over souls still use this

BV = X short for bad vibes

Epic Fail = X

Crap = X

Ate/Kuya = XXX ,worst personal experience,a sales lady aged 35++  called me kuya,

LOL = x some people are saying it in real life

OMG = x, one of the most used by girls this 2010

DuH = x

Petiks = O, I still use this  🙂

Praning = O

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