Random post:Culinary students

1,Mr/ms cool guy/gal – he/she has no pressure on every part of his/her well being, aside from being cool he can get the job done on time and don`t take the criticism seriously ,

2.Backstabber – he/she can be cool sometimes but hey watch out he/she is the one who will make the group go into demise,he/she will tell annoying story`s to other people and even to chef instructor just to get the spot light,like ” kala mo marunong hindi naman or alam mo ba si ano sabi sau baho mo daw sa kusina amoy kang isda” hahaha

3.Leecher- ok,get the point, he/she is the type of person who will just stick to the top person of the class and sometimes copy the works of that person, yes he can graduate but remember
that on the Industry you cant leech,or else the chef will throw you the chicken

4.I just need a diploma -on every class theres always a group of these brats,they simply just enroll to culinary school ,in course,,they are the wackos of the class,they dont have focus ,they are like retards who laughs loud on classroom and lab,makes fun on the kitchen all they think about is liesure,after school
tra gimick !!!,

5.Love or hate-  i personally hate this one,because of some factor


-lazy- except when the chef is around
-backstabber-he/she also got that
-mr/ms cool guy/gal in front of the chef
-showoff – he/she the one who wants to get all the job and show to the chef that he/she is hardworking”some times he/she gets ,and always so active like there is no tomorrow
remember he/she do this things when the chef is around but when chef is gone “viola” he/she will just stand or will text .i promise you will encounter them,

6.Primadona – this is what we call “fas yow nis tuh” they are scared on handling a knife ,cant even carry stock pots plus they cant even Deep Fry a fish because “ill get talsik” or “ewww so lansa the fish” but they have a shy point because they are not saying “YAYA I NEED HELP”

7.I Feel Like I Own This Kitchen- i dont care with these people,they are bossy,arrogant,they give orders to other classmate and treat them unfair,usually these figures are the old person of the class,”on there personal point of view, we are paying the same tuition fee so why should i follow you.

LOL for me this are the culinary attitudes during my time as a student,dont know now if new breeds pop out LOL

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