Mother Sauces



Every Culinary arts and hotel management student knows the different kinds of mother sauces,right??

Finally a new hotel for me,Hyatt Manila Hotel and Casino, they assign me on Li Li

a chinese restaurant, it is nominated on a miele guide,(michelin guide asian version)Very good food indeed before they transfer me on FirePlace a western fine dine @ hyatt

while slicing and preparing bamboo pith a guy ask me same rank with me,hey do you know what are the 5 mother sauces

I said of course those are culinary basics stocks ,sauces, i said its veloute,hollandaise,tomato sauce,espanole and bechamel and he said our school told us that theres 7 mother sauces,and my first reaction is,whaaat? he said they added

vinaigrette  and mayonnaise ?i told isnt those emulsified dressings ,he said those are the new sauces,after that day

i search around the internet and found out that some said that there are 7 sauces,MJ an Iscahm student, told me that they dont have 5 mother sauces,its like butter base,stock base,

So any can prove there are indeed 7 mother sauces?? or its that guy is feeling genius infront of me haha

for me espanole is a dead sauce and it should be replace by Demi Glace

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