Pit Stop

Funny encounter that made me realize  lots of things,last november 3

I read lots of books,practice my knife/piping skills,research about the latest newest food trend , molecular gastronomy freak ,and an michelin food style fanatic

we had 37 reservations last night,service time starts @ 6,my mis en place is ready,6 30 first table arrived,they had this striplion selection,local,aussie,us wagyu, my sous chef will grill the meat,other  chef is on  vegetable /side dish station,and i will cook the risotto,with proper resting,meats are ready to serve, 3 tables arrived,orders arrived,micros is beeping crazy every minute, Im confident enough to cook this,frying foie gras, making rissoto, sauteing scallops and prawns,cooking specialty ribs,pouring sauce on the sauce bowl daily routine,not perfect but i can keep on the track,i always want think i can work smarter than the food,around 830,my chef ask me to make a sunny side up egg”well done” special request for a angus beef burger,my world stop for a second .before i had a short stint on egg station,during breakfast on manila peninsula, ,back in my culinary school, egg subject is the hardest,had a hard time but i managed to cook it,but my Grandmas sunny side up is better .

Service time is over we had 52 covers

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